Phase I & Phase II Site Assessments

AEM has acquired extensive experience providing Phase I and Phase II environmental assessment services to support property transactions for industrial and commercial sites. AEM is frequently employed to perform Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), to identify and quantify environmental liabilities, to provide cost estimates for these liabilities, and to provide the requested level of support to our clients and their environmental attorneys to facilitate property transactions.

silhouette black man survey and civil engineer stand on ground working in a land building site over Blurred construction worker on construction site. examination, inspection, survey

AEM is also frequently called upon to review ESAs performed by other consultants, evaluate their costs developed to address environmental liabilities, and provide our opinion in support of our clients. AEM’s thorough knowledge of and experience with environmental regulations and regulators and our engineering knowledge of the costs of corrective action are necessary to provide the level of support required by our clients.

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