AEM has over 30 years of experience preparing RCRA Part B Hazardous Waste Permits; performing both RCRA Facility Assessments and RCRA Facility Investigations; and implementing Corrective Measures Studies, and Corrective Actions as well as the parallel process under Superfund (Preliminary Assessment / Site Investigation, Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Studies, and Remedial Design / Remedial Investigations).

3D rendered illustration of hazardous waste sign on chain link fence. Landfill in background.

Services Provided

  • Part B permitting/modifications
  • RCRA facility assessments
  • RCRA facility investigations
  • Remedial investigations
  • Corrective measures studies
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pilot testing
  • Remedial system design and installation
  • Remedial system operation and maintenance
  • Remedial system effectiveness monitoring and optimization
  • RCRA closure activity oversight/support
  • RCRA closure certification
  • Financial assurance documentation
  • Compliance status reporting
  • RCRA facility permit compliance and audits
  • Hazardous waste management/handling training, spill management and Compliance Audits
  • Risk assessments
  • Development of risk-based cleanup levels/concentrations
  • RCRA Closure Plans
  • Oversight and Certification of Closure Actions
  • Post-Closure Monitoring; Operation and Maintenance of Corrective Action Systems; and Reporting

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