Asset and Facility Management Using Remote Sensing

AEM has expanded our service line to include remote sensing capabilities using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) operated by a controller/operator. Remote sensing is the science of collecting real-time georeferenced data from typically hard to reach areas.  Data collected by remote sensing are processed into visual output for use by facility managers, facility engineers, consultants, etc.

AEM Drones UAV

UAVs and remote sensing are safer, more efficient, and constitute a more highly cost-effective method for collecting high-resolution imagery of property, assets, and liabilities than traditional methods.

Services Provided

  • Project Planning -  Development of a comprehensive data acquisition work plan in close consultation with the client to ensure that visual output meets client needs and budget.
  • Facility Management - Rooftop inspections using infrared imagery to detect water leaks and heat loss, to update facility drawings, to create safety, training, and informational videos, and to confirm and track facility repairs.
  • Emergency Response - Generation of real time imagery from the field to the client's office to monitor the status of volatile site/facility situations.
  • Hazardous Emissions or Release Monitoring - Conduct utility inspections with various remote sensing technologies (Infrared, Methane Laser, GasFindIR [Total VOCs]) to assess the release of potentially hazardous materials.
3d rendering flying drone with cityscape background
  • Mapping Site Features - Investigation of areas of interest covered by tree canopies using LIDAR (laser scan that creates millions of data points with georeferenced coordinates) to map topography and other surface features.
  • Compliance Inspection - Monitor remote areas such as plant storm water outfalls, storm drains and/or storm drainage areas, environmentally impacted areas, tank farms, surface impoundments, solid waste management units, retention ponds, etc., for assessing repairs, required maintenance and regulatory compliance.
  • Asset Inventory – Catalog indoor and/or outdoor equipment and machinery providing real time electronic inventory management capabilities.

Project Manager/UAV operator is FAA Certified (Part 107) and has over 700 hours of real project-related operations.


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